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Butterfly Neon Light
Butterfly Neon Light
Butterfly Neon Light
Butterfly Neon Light

Butterfly Neon Light

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Our Butterfly Neon Light is our most minimal neon design. It's white, chic, and It's currently our favorite neon because of Taylor Swift's new album. 

- real glass neon light (not LED): 10" L x 9.25" H
- White plastic base with convenient on/off switch on back 5.5" D x 2.75" H
- Safe plug-in adaptor
- UL Certified

Now through June 30th we are donating 10% of all proceeds for our Fly Free Fairy Lights and Butterfly Neon to Sunrise Day Camps!


      Partnering with Sunrise Day Camps

      Shop our Fly Free Fairy Lights or Butterfly Neon using the code Sunrise19 for $10 off your order plus we will donate 10% of the proceeds through June 30th!

      Learn More About Sunrise

      Favorite Things About Our Neons:

       • At night, they really make an entire room glow
      • They work well as a bedside table lamp
      • Made with real neon but they'll never heat up
      • They have a convenient on/off switch on the back
      • The packaging is cute so they make a great gift