Hey Neon Light
Hey Neon Light
Hey Neon Light
Hey Neon Light

Hey Neon Light

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Hey! Let's add a pop of neon to your space. This design is for those of us that love pretty pink things. It also has a retro Barbie vibe, right? 

We love neons because they are fun & trendy and make entire rooms glow, especially at night.

- real glass neon light (not LED): 9.25" L x 10" H
- White plastic base with convenient on/off switch on back 5.5" D x 2.75" H
- Safe plug-in adaptor
- UL Certified

    Favorite Things About Our Neons:

     • At night, they really make an entire room glow
    • They work well as a bedside table lamp
    • Made with real neon but they'll never heat up
    • They have a convenient on/off switch on the back
    • The packaging is cute so they make a great gift