the Founders
  • Molly Rosner
    Founder & Designer
    Hi! I’m Molly and American Dream House is my daughter. She was born during my senior year at Boston University, where I studied painting. My favorite parts about starting this business are: constantly learning new things, seeing our brand grow & evolve over time, flexible hours, and creating fun products
    & art :)
  • Rami Rosner
    Co-Founder & Operations
    Hi, I’m Rami and I joined Molly in early 2018 to help create American Dream House’s first collection ever. Working with people from all different backgrounds, places, and lines of work has been the most fun part so far. There’s a lot more to come but this has already been really exciting. It’s just the beginning, ya know.
The Team
  • David Rosner
    Chief of Legal, Lead Investor, & Dad
  • Nancy Rosner
    Design Expert, Investor, & Mom
  • Rick Lapine
    Mentor, Co-Founder & Co-Owner
  • Olivia Rosner
    Ideas-man & Youngest Sister
  • Cheryl Rosner
    Business Advisor, Investor, & Aunt
  • Alissa Marcus
    Team Member & Aunt
  • Ava Warner
    Tween consultant & Dream Girl
  • Susan Hague-Rogers
    Tradeshow Professional @ SHR 3D Visual Solutions