Ooh La La Snaps
Ooh La La Snaps
Ooh La La Snaps
Ooh La La Snaps

Ooh La La Snaps

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This collection is about all about Paris and timeless style. Our favorite Ooh La La snap is the one with the fancy perfume bottle :)

All Snap Collections include tiny works of art that sparkle as well as cute hanging materials. 

- 9 art prints on cardstock with glitter accents 2.8" L x 3.5" H
- 10 tiny light pink clothespins
- 1 piece of string with loops on the ends 3.5' L (varies slightly)

Favorite Things About Snaps:

• They are colorful and all have sparkly glitter details
• Each snap is a print of an original painting
• Each set has a different theme bc we love themes
• You can mix and match snaps from different sets
• They look like polaroids...but of art, not photos
• They easily decorate empty wall space

Check out how easy it is to hang your Snaps up