Blue Fairy Lights
Blue Fairy Lights
Blue Fairy Lights
Blue Fairy Lights

Blue Fairy Lights

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Our Blue Lights will give your room a soft colorful glow. Fairy lights are the fastest way to add magical vibes to your entire room.

All of our fairy lights are designed to decorate your room, so they are 32 feet long!

- blue LED lights on a bendable copper wire
- 32 ft of lights
- Safe plug-in adaptor and on/off switch
- UL Certified

*We have a video to show you how to hang them!

Favorite Things About Our Fairy Lights:

• They are essential for cute room decor
• They are not too short and not too long
• They are "plug-in", so there are no awkward battery packs hanging on the wall
• They have an on/off switch, which is weirdly satisfying, PLUS you don't have to plug & unplug the lights each time you want them on or off
• They are bright
• At night, the colorful sets make an entire room glow with color

Check out how easy it is to put them up!