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Hi! We're American Dream House

We make chic room accessories because decorating is really fun. Everything in our collection is designed to mix & match, so it's easy to create lots of different looks!

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Stylish room decor

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Love from our Dream Stars

Omg I want my room to look like this!

Marcelle, 10, San Diego CA

American Dream House can make any room sparkle

Sarah, 27, New York NY

I'm in love with everything. From the kissy face pillow to the bow. I love it all. 

Abby, 12, Westchester NY

I've been dying for the pink eyelash pillow

Capri, 13, Miami FL

I love the neon light, it brightens up my room. And I love the pillows. Everything is so cute!

Niki, 12, Miami FL

Sooo cute love these fairy lights 

Andrea, 12, Los Angeles CA

My snaps are my favorite part of my room LOVE them

Ellie, 21, Cherry Hill NJ

This is like the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Ava, 13, Westchester NY

Love from the media! #nbd

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